Preston Guild City • About Key Project Areas
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Preston Guild City

About Key Project Areas

Preston Guild City has so much to offer, not least its enormous growth potential, wide ranging development opportunities, excellent location, civic leadership committed to opportunities, world class university, competitive employment costs and position as a major shopping destination.

To make best use of the city centre’s potential, the Council is preparing the Preston City Centre Plan to drive growth and encourage new development whilst preserving the city’s rich heritage.

Details can be found on the Preston City Council website, but broadly it sets out the Council’s ambition to further invigorate the city’s economy and expand its workforce.

The City Centre Plan identifies a number of key growth spots based around Corporation Street, Winckley, City Centre North (including the city’s Markets Quarter), Stoneygate, and Horrocks Quarter.

Within each area there is a range of development opportunities including both commercial and residential.

To complement new build development Preston Council would also encourage the refurbishment and re use of existing buildings, particularly those that form part of Preston’s rich heritage. Winckley and City Centre North areas both have a number of outstanding heritage buildings that give these areas a unique character for business and residential development.

For further detail on the areas involved, and what is included, please refer to each area located under Key Project Areas.