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Communicating with your customers

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 by Coral Horn, M.D. Pink Link Ladies Ltd. and founder of The Enterprise Vision Awards.

I work with women in business through a female networking company called Pink Link Ladies and a female awards platform, The Enterprise Vision Awards and my aim is to connect women and help to inspire women in business.

My office is situated in Blackpool, but I work with women across the North West and hold a network at Preston's College. Preston's College is an integral part of the city working with young people and I collaborate with the college on projects working with the students to aid their interaction with real business projects. This benefits the students learning, communication and also may inspire their future aspirations.
I have been working with women in business for over five years and the network still has members who attended the inaugural meeting so we have a good reputation.

In the early part of my career communicating with your customers was quite simple; either you called them on the telephone, went to see them face to face or popped something in the post. Yes it was some time ago and long before the internet and mobile phones. Nowadays we can reach our customers via social media, text and email.

So which way should we choose……..
I try to adapt to my customers. My customers vary in age from 20’s to 70’s they have a variety of skills, some completely computer savvy whilst others maybe more technophobe. Some love to have a good old chinwag, whilst others prefer a virtual conversation. Choosing how you interact with your customers can help you to have a better relationship with them.

Over the years I have made an effort to get to understand how my customers prefer me to communicate with them.

Some examples would be my customer who is in the social media industry, I always message her on facebook, another lady who is a trainer and always in the classroom so she gets a text, one lady gets stressed with computer technology so her information goes in the post and so on.

So why is important? We all work and interact differently and if we can adapt to the needs of our customers it makes them more comfortable and relaxed.

Me………just pick up the telephone and give me a call or even better come and see me.

Office; (01253) 425443