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Preston Guild City

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By Neil Fairhurst, Director of Customer Services, Preston City Council.

Somewhere along the way, answering your customers’ questions; processing their orders; and presenting results has ceased to be enough. The standard has been raised so that it is no longer just the quality of the service or product that matters, but also the speed with which you are able to do so. And this applies whether you’re a one person start-up or a multi-national conglomerate.

For many SMEs a significant number of your essential processes, both customer facing and internal, are heavily reliant on the internet. Without superfast broadband, you can be left at the mercy of intermittent signal, or faulty connections.

In an endeavour to level the playing field, we and South Ribble Borough Council are offering vouchers for up to £3,000 grants through the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to get superfast broadband for your small or medium sized business. Fast, reliable broadband is essential to boost your bottom line. It can help you grow and access new markets; communicate better with customers; increase security; improve customer service; and futureproof your business. Additionally, it can also make many of the communications, services and processes of your business faster and more reliable.

This is an exciting opportunity and we want as many local businesses to benefit.

The scheme is open to SMEs, registered charities, social enterprises and sole traders located in an eligible city - and Preston is one. 

What are you waiting for?