Preston Guild City • 5 Top Tips for Making the Most out of Video
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Preston Guild City

5 Top Tips for Making the Most out of Video

Video camera in front of 3D printer

by Andre Bisson - Freelance Videographer and Editor

There are many things to consider when deciding to produce and use a video as part of marketing your business, service or product. It's essential to get the most out of your video and meet the objectives you want that video to achieve.

1. Know what you want to say.

The main thing to consider with a video is having a clear message and aim that runs throughout the video. Ask yourself what do I want this video to do and what do I want the audience to take away. You might want to prove the quality of your services, show off a single product or highlight important credentials. However the main thing is having a single clear message that unites the video. As an example, this video I produced for Kindlow Safety Services had the main goal of showing the professional nature of their team and the quality of their specialized gear. The audience knows after the watching the video that this is a trusted and experienced company and in a very short time condensing pages of information into a easily accessible video.

2. Pay attention to details.

Having the right energy and tone is also hugely important to match your business's ethos and feel. The music and pacing must help the viewer understand immediately what kind of company they are viewing and get them to like what they are viewing. In a conference video I made for Biotexcel I had to cut down 3 days of conference into an accessible package capturing the feel of many different lectures and meetings, as well the whole experience. The aim was to help future conference candidates understand what they would be likely to experience. Therefore the energy was fast, intense and pointing out that a lot of information and knowledge were moving around at the event. Discussion was scientific, complex and had depth. The video shows experiences, emotions and shows the buzz people were feeling.

3. Know your audience.

This is one that might seem obvious, but you need to know who you are addressing and how you want that audience to respond. This video primarily wanted to persuade postdocs that it was worth attending one of these away-days and would get a lot out of it. There was a focus on communication, public engagement and how to be an outward looking scientist. The end of the video gave a clear hint to export options, but was also left available for editing. This video could also easily be edited to point to a new event coming out the following year, making it reusable.

4. Follow through.

The online follow-through is especially important and learning how to upload and share your video is key. You need to choose a good title name and tags that will help people find your video, this in turn will help your website by providing clear links between your video content and service. You need to share it on social media, groups and forums in order to get the most out of it. Using it in a newsletter, email or as part of a larger video are also other ways to get it shared. You may want to target a specific group of people, therefore associating with current videos that your chosen group already watch will also aid in getting it seen and in turn, your business seen. Have an action at the end is vital to making sure people do something as a result of watching the video. The chance are, if the watched the whole video, they might be willing to go a little further and sign up to a newsletter or service.

5. Have a big picture plan.

You need to make sure the video is part of a wider strategy. A video is a tool that should be used repetitively on and off-line. Videos should be multi-purpose and be used as part of marketing presentations and at networking. Highlighting that it exists is the key and gathering the interest. The video should be linked to other marketing tools and contact information. All the details the viewer needs to make a booking should be immediately available and accessible.

Videos can be a valuable asset for your company. Make sure those offering you the services understand that these points are important to you and you will get the most out of a service; make sure they care as much about your business's representation to the wider world as you do.

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