Fracking: Will I be covered? • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City


by Martin Curran for Martin Curran & Associates Insurance Claims Consultants.

Will homeowners in fracking areas be able to claim on their existing policies underwritten by their present insurers for any loss or damage caused by fracking

Will homeowners need to disclose that they live in an area where fracking occurs and what ramifications are there for their insurance premiums and the cover they may have for perils such a fire, flood, storm etc?

What insurance cover do the companies carrying out fracking hold to protect members of the local population and their assets in the event that they do cause damage due to their fracking activities?

What insurance cover do the landowners who permit fracking to occur on their land have to protect the local population and their assets in the event that fracking activities carried out on their land causes damage to innocent third parties?

How will house prices be affected in any fracking areas?

Will answers be forthcoming from the insurance industry/ fracking companies as to their position regarding payment or non payment of claims resulting from fracking?
Policyholders would be sensible in questioning the position with their insurance adviser or insurance company before, rather than after any fracking related damage occurs so that they will know who the party, where redress for any damage they might suffer, will be.

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