Preston Guild City • Needle in the Haystack - Solved!
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Preston Guild City

Needle in the Haystack - Solved!

Still image inside Benedicts

by Edwin Devey for Entire Design

I remember when, as a young boy, I first heard the metaphor, 'It's like looking for a needle in a haystack'. I remember my first visualisation being a load of hay strewn all over the floor and the seemingly impossible task of finding one, hard, straight and shiny edge among millions of other straight edges. The one hope being that a little light will fall on the shiny surface.

Some regard the prospect of their business being found on the web with pretty much the same degree of random luck and a little bit of light being offered by so many SEO alchemists as the equivalent of finding the elixir of life in an alley filled with hooded pedlars.

Not any more. Take your needle (your business), attach a labelled string to it (a G+ Business Page), then toss it into the haystack (the worldwide web). It can be retrieved at any time, by anyone.

I provide a service (Accredited and encouraged by Google) to Preston, Lancashire or across the UK, of shooting the inside of any business, office, retail outlet, hotel or factory and publishing the imagery as a virtual 'walk in' visit to that business. The tour resides in Google Maps and linked to from the Google business page and connected to Google Street View.

When anyone searches for the service you provide, in your area, your string is pulled and they see an opportunity to look inside your business.

The seven little Red Pegs that pop up on page one. People are naturally curious (I did not say nosey) and will have a look around, engaging with you and forming the first tenuous link that may facilitate a contractual outcome. NB It is not necessarily what they see but that they are engaging by looking.

Even more rewarding, you can embed the tour freely, on your own website and invite people to view it there. This means 'Time Spent On Page' which in SEO terms is gold dust.

There are many other advantages to having an 'inside walk through' installed but they're probably better more fully explored in another blog.

For now, get a Google Page if you haven't already got one ( ) then optimise your G+ page and Attach That String. It's the nearest thing to putting your card in the index instead of leaving it in the drawer.

Then be prepared to respond when your string is yanked.

Feel free to follow this link for an example.

Edwin Devey, is an independent commercial photographer who is also certified as a Google Trusted Photographer and fully engaged in the Google Business View programme aimed at populating Google Business pages with high quality content in the form of virtual tours and other imagery. Contact at