Are you ready for Preston's close encounter? • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City

Man standing and talking in front of a crowd at Preston's egg rolling event

Whether you sell vintage clothing, afternoon tea or legal advice, getting your business in front of as wide an audience as possible is generally agreed as a key to success. This is why so much money is spent on branding, marketing campaigns and advertising – people can’t buy something they do not know is there. And so money, time, and resources are poured into developing an online presence, signs, printed promotions and various other marketing endeavours to ensure that your customers and potential customers know where you are and what you have to offer.

But when you are making these campaigns and planning your tactics, do you ever take into consideration what’s happening around you?

This year Egg Rolling brought approximately 25,000 into Avenham & Miller parks; 2014’s Christmas light Switch On saw around 10,000 lining the city’s streets; and smaller events like Best of Britannia North attracted several thousand - all throughout the past 12 months.

These significantly sized audiences are on your doorstep, what are you doing to engage with them?

Take the upcoming event, Lancashire Encounter, for example. It is promising to be a weekend of creativity and culture, tying in major annual events such as Preston Pride, Run Preston and Community Celebration, drawing people from across the county into Preston city centre.

Ignoring this surge of attention towards, and footfall in, Preston may be the easier option, but is a waste of a brilliant opportunity for businesses based in the city centre and those further afield.
Wherever your business is based, you can engage online and promote Lancashire Encounter (or other local events) as something that is good for the city and Lancashire. This costs you nothing but strengthens the events campaign, attracting more people into the region, promotes your community involvement, social responsibility and demonstrates to your customers and staff commitment to a vibrant place for them to live and work. It also provides a great opportunity to engage with the public.

For businesses who want to get more involved can consider ideas such as:

  • Sponsorship
  • Event related specials / offers / products / menus
  • Social Media engagement, competitions, special offers
  • Special opening hours
  • Free samples
  • Promotional merchandise that relates to the topic / event
  • Theming your offer to relate to Lancashire – dressing your premises, theming your menu, special promotions

The information of what is happening in Preston is readily available here, it’s up to you what you do with it.

To discuss ways to engage please contact the Events Team on 01772 903660