Preston Guild City • 20 SEO Top Tips For Businesses New To SEO
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Preston Guild City

20 SEO Top Tips For Businesses New To SEO

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by Amy Bolton for Bright Red Digital.

Keep your SEO inline with your marketing strategy. Follow this advice and whether you’re creating or improving your strategy, your plan will soon take off.

1. No SEO means that your visitors will not be able to reach you form a search engine. If you don’t promote SEO on site then search engines can’t categorise and rank your website for keywords you want to rank for.
2. Both on-site SEO and Off-site SEO is needed for your business. You really can’t achieve one aspect without working on the other.
3. Know your competition. It sounds simple, but very true. Find out what websites are ranking on the first page for the keywords you want to rank for and do research around their SEO marketing.
4. SEO results aren’t instant. Unfortunately, not all SEO results will be received instantly, your results are in the hands of search engines as they may not register your hard SEO work for days or weeks.
5. Your website is NEVER finished. If you would like to rank for a keyword, and continually improve on that rank and increase sales and customers then your website should always be improved and added to.
6. Create content just for your customers, not for search engines. There is no point creating a piece of content that ranks well if your customers aren’t seeing any benefits.
7. Remove all duplicate content on site. If your ‘About Us’ page reads the same as your ‘Homepage’ then you can be penalised by search engines.
8. Make your copy better than the articles on the first page of the SERP’s. Don’t post your copy if it isn’t better than the piece on the first page then take a look at what makes that piece of content great.
9. Create content which can be posted on blogs and other websites. People are more likely to link to you if your content can be used on their site.
10. Target relevant keywords. The more specific and relevant your keywords are, the easier and quicker it is to rank for them.
11. Know who’s linking to you. Within Google Webmaster Tools, go to Traffic and Links and check how many sites are linking to you and more importantly who.
12. Phone calls are useful. Your phone is more useful than using it for social media, but give businesses a call when asking them to link to you, both link building and building relationships are important and often come hand in hand.
13. Remove unnecessary outbound links to other websites. Only link to relevant and helpful pages which your customers will appreciate.
14. Writing press releases. Writing PR is a great way to create links with other websites and relevant businesses but it’s also a great part of brand awareness.
15. Be personal in a way that bigger companies can’t be. Guest post on other websites, engage with your customers or fans on social media and be personal with them.
16. Use social media. You can use social media to promote your website as well as other people’s content too.
17. Don’t just be in the Top 10. If you aim to be in the top 5 and not just the top 10 then you will work continually towards your goal.
18. Use simple URLs. Your customers need to be able to read or guess the topic of your URL.
19. Use header tags on content. Using H1 and H2 tags are a good way to improve SEO but also makes your page look a little neater.
20. Make sure your website is optimised for mobile users. When customers access your site via their mobile it needs to be clear and responsive.

BrightRED Digital are based by the docks in Preston and are made up of a team of digital professionals. Our skills range from web design and development to digital marketing and SEO. Let BrightRED improve your marketing strategy email or call 01772 978 927 let’s get started!

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