Stoneygate • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City


Exterior of St.John's Minster, Preston, Lancashire

The Stoneygate area is a mixed use transitional zone sitting near to Preston Minster situated close to the heart of the city centre on the south east side. The uses in this area range from commercial on Church Street, where restaurants and eateries dominate, to industrial units, small scale offices and pockets of housing. Stoneygate has been described as having the feel of an urban village within the city centre.

The area has its origins in medieval times and the narrow streets leading off Church Street, such as Old Cock Yard, Main Spirit Weind and Bolton’s Court, form part of Preston’s original medieval street pattern. Important historic buildings such as the fine Preston Minster and Arkwright House, once home to Richard Arkwright father of the Industrial Revolution, contribute to Stoneygate’s rich character.

Stoneygate has great potential for new buildings and new uses to be integrated within the historic urban fabric. New housing, whether for families, young professionals or more elderly residents, would be ideally suited to this area which is close to schools and shops. Office based or small scale industrial employment is also well suited because of the proximity to the main central commercial areas.

The thriving Cardinal Newman College is located just to the south of Stoneygate and many students pass through on their way to and from the college giving the area a lively, buoyant feel, particularly along Manchester Road.

City Living

Stoneygate has been identified as an urban village which will benefit from investment in City Centre North and Winckley. Homes are likely to be mainly new build and have the potential to be efficient in terms of size and energy with excellent access to the green spaces and all that Preston has to offer. The target population could be young professionals and families.

The vision for Church Street is to transform the public realm completely redesigning the road and pavements similar to the current works on Fishergate.