Vision and Key Projects • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City

Vision and Key Projects

Our vision sees Preston as a growing and vibrant city in the North West that is  distinctive, standing out from the crowd and as a supporter of business through strong civic leadership working collaboratively with the private sector.

In partnership with stakeholders across the city, Preston is undergoing its biggest investment in generations.

Preston has been identified nationally as a city with significant economic prospects and potential to become a much greater force in the regional economy. Preston is fast becoming a transformed city having strengthened its position as a first class destination for retail, cultural, entertainment, business and higher education services, in Lancashire.

Preston is growing through the;

  • creation of jobs
  • diversification of the shopping, leisure, tourism and cultural offer
  • productive use of vacant and under-used land and buildings, especially heritage assets
  • modernisation and revitalisation of public transport services and facilities
  • improvement of the environment for pedestrians and cyclists through transformed public realm

The overall strategy and vision for the city centre is to encourage and facilitate sustainable new development, including optimising the use of existing buildings, that will maintain, and enhance, the vitality, viability and vibrancy of the centre, whilst also preserving and enhancing environmental quality.

We are pleased to present an exciting range of occupier and investment opportunities and projects in Preston city centre and surrounding areas. You can find out more about recently completed projects, current projects and key investment and development opportunities within this section.