Preston Guild City • Egg Rolling
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Preston Guild City

Egg Rolling

Close up of Easter Bonnet for Preston's egg rolling event

Egg Rolling is a big tradition in Preston going back hundreds of years. Each year brings an eclectic mix of workshops, street theatre and live music. Past events have seen magicians, giant hippopotamus, art and craft workshops, storytelling in unusual places, explorers and more. Although every Easter brings a different programme of events you can guarantee  the traditional Easter bonnet making workshop and Easter bonnet competition, where the best hats win a prize, will always feature. 

However you spend your day, no visit to Preston's Egg rolling is complete without bringing your Easter egg and rolling it down the hill with hundreds of other people. You can find a quiet spot and roll with the family or join in with the official egg rolls on the hour! 

It may sound wacky and exciting but that's because it is each year differs from the next so you never know what to expect! You are however guaranteed a great day out and its all free!

Did you attend Egg Rolling this year?

If you attended our event this year, we'd be grateful if you could spend a few minutes answering some questions in our Egg Rolling 2017 visitor survey.