Preston Blue Plaque Heritage Walk • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City

Preston Blue Plaque Heritage Walk

Preston Catholic College.

Step back in time for a glimpse of Preston's history and heritage...

Preston is home to a remarkable amount of blue plaques. Explore the plaques in the city centre by following the Blue Plaque Heritage Walk and uncover some of the most memorable places in Preston's history as well as the people that made the city what it is today.

To start your journey download the "Blue Plaque Heritage Walk" guide from the documents section at the bottom of this page.

Blue Plaque Heritage Walk

The Blue Plaque Heritage Walk is roughly 1.8 miles and takes around 40 minutes to complete. .

John Horrocks (1768 - 1804) - Fylde Road

John Horrocks moved to Preston around 1791 due to an increased demand for his high quality yarn. Within a year of his arrival he built his first large mill. Horrocks became a name associated with high quality goods and is well known in Preston's industrious history.

Joseph Dunn (1746 - 1827) - Fox Street

Noted for starting the Preston Gaslight Company, Reverend Joseph "Daddy" Dunn formulated a better gas lighting technique for longer power and brightness. He distributed gas around Preston and changed the whole of Lancashire by transporting cool-gas lighting in the area.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790) - Orchard Street

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, resided in this building whilst visiting relatives.

Joseph Livesey (1794 - 1884) - Stoneygate

Joseph Livesey was a temperance campaigner, social reformer, local politician, writer, publisher, newspaper proprietor and philanthropist. He was founder of the Temperance Movement, a social movement against the consumption of alcoholic beverages. This plaque commemorates "The Old Cock Pit" which was where Livesey drew up the first public pledge in 1832.

Sir Richard Arkwright (1732 - 1792) - Stoneygate

Known as 'the Father of the Industrial Revolution', Sir Richard Arkwright was born in Preston and lived in this house whilst developing his cotton spinning machine. He is credited for inventing the water frame and a rotary carding engine that transformed raw cotton into cotton lap.

Isaac and Stephen Simpson (1800 - 1859) - Avenham Road

Isaac Simpson and Stephen Simpson advanced the science of gold thread manufacture on this site. The Gold Thread Works produced gold and silver wire embroidery for the military as well as many other important work, including uniforms for the staff of the Titanic and German Military badges for English spies.

Thomas Miller (1811 - 1865) - Winckley Square

Thomas Miller was a cotton manufacturer who built the house that features this blue plaque in 1845. He donated the land that is Miller Park in 1864.

Preston Catholic College (1865 - 1978) - Winckley square

This is the site of the Preston Catholic College which opened in 1865. The college closed in 1978 after merging with other sixth forms to form Newman College.

Edith Rigby (1872 - 1948) - Winckley Square

Edith Rigby was a prominent women's rights activist which resulted in her being incarcerated seven times. She was also a suffragette and founded the St. Peter's School in Preston, aimed at educating women and girls.

Edmund Robert Harris (1803 - 1877) - Ribblesdale Place

Reverend Robert Harris, Vicar of St George's Church, lived in this house along with his son, Edmund Harris. During Edmund's life he gave £7000 towards medical care to help sickness in the town. His generous will also helped improve education, churches, chapels, care for the blind and the establishment of the Harris Free Library and Museum.

Map address for Preston Blue Plaque Heritage Walk

Key trail points:

  • John Horrocks - Fylde Road, PR2 2NH
  • Joseph Dunn - Fox Street, PR1 2AB
  • Benjamin Franklin - Friargate, PR1 2EN
  • Joseph Livesey - Stoneygate, PR1 3XU
  • Richard Arkwright - Stoneygate, PR1 3XU
  • Isaac and Stephen Simpson - Avenham Road, PR1 3TH
  • Thomas Miller - Winckley Square, PR1 3JJ
  • Preston Catholic College - 29 Winckley Square, PR1 3JJ
  • Edith Rigby - 28 Winckley Square, PR1 3JJ
  • Edmund Robert Harris - 13 Ribblesdale Place, PR1 3NA