How do I join? • Preston Guild City
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Preston Guild City

How do I join?

Waterstones and Fishers Buildings on Fishergate Preston

To join Preston Partnership you must register your details via the online form. By doing this you are committing to the annual subscription fee, details of which are below.


  • £100 per annum or
  • £50 per annum for SMEs with 1-3 employees

Subscriptions, payable from September 2018, pay for meetings, providing necessary resources and other associated costs in fulfilling the objectives of the Preston Partnership.

Register now*

Register to Preston Partnership now to have access to the quarterly meetings, focus groups, added value opportunities, newsletter and more! Follow @Preston_Partner on Twitter and Preston Partnership on LinkedIn to keep up to date on Preston Partnership and positive news about Preston.

*Please note, by registering you are committing to Preston Partnership and will be contacted about payment in September 2018.*